Launch spreadsheet

Top navigation bar

Open a spreadsheet from the links on the app screen (Top navigation bar > Apps > Excel-like Issue Editor).

FILTERS shows the filter list, help you open Spreadsheet for the filter directly from the page.

RECENT shows the spreadsheets which you opened recently.

SYSTEM DEFAULT filters are the standard system filters Jira provides initially. You are not able to change their query parameters. Please launch a spreadsheet from the issue navigator screen if you would like to use custom JQL or filter.

At the issue navigator screen, you can change the columns and reorder them too.

Project sidebar

Open a spreadsheet from the links on the project page (project sidebar > Spreadsheets).

Project administrators can configure the spreadsheets in the Project settings.

Issue navigator

Open a spreadsheet from the edit button on Jira Issue Navigator (Top navigation bar > Filters > Advanced issue search).

You can also change the columns displayed on your spreadsheet. Please see the KB article.

Configure project spreadsheets

Project administrators can configure spreadsheets on the project sidebar.

Go Project settings and click Spreadsheets - Settings.

  • Company-managed project

    • Project settings > Spreadsheets - Settings

  • Team-managed project

    • Project settings > Apps > Spreadsheets - Settings

If a user has Administer Projects role, the configure menu is available from the Spreadsheets screen.

Currently, changing the columns of a spreadsheet is not supported. If you are interested in the functionality, please feel free to vote on this request and let us know your use case and ideas.

Edit fields on spreadsheet

Change columns and order

You can configure your custom columns setting. Try "Change Columns" menu from the cog icon and configure "My Columns" on the dialog.

Basically, the default visible columns depend on the configuration of Issue Navigator. Please see the article of Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira: Knowledge base and workarounds.

Inline editing

Readonly fields are grayed out and cannot edit

Start editing a cell with double-click or F2 or click pencil icon.

Copy and paste 

Copy the value of selected cells.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows: Ctrl+C

Mac: Cmd+V

Paste the value of the clipboard to target cells.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows: Ctrl+V

Mac: Cmd+V


After reviewing unsaved changes, click Save button.

Notifications will be sent by notification scheme configuration.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows: Ctrl+S

Mac: Cmd+S


You can discard unsaved changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows: Ctrl+Z

Mac: Cmd+Z

Select cells for discarding changes.

Unsaved changes are discarded.

Operations bar

Input a keyword and type Enter-key.

Hierarchy View

You can see Epic - Story - Subtask hierarchy in the Hierarchy View mode.
In this mode, you can also collapse and expand the hierarchy.

Click the button and change the view mode.

Hierarchy view mode needs all issues to make hierarchy tree, so view "All" mode will be switched automatically in hierarchy mode.

Back to Jira

You can return to the location where you launched the spreadsheet.

Export Excel / CSV

You can export the current spreadsheet in Excel or CSV format.

Other functions

Excel-like Issue Editor provides the other functions via the cog icon menu.

Databar Number

Visualize the values of number fields.

Format Timetracking Fields

Change the display format of time-tracking fields.

Unformatted ↔︎ Formatted

Freeze Columns

Select a cell and freeze up to the current column.

Sort and filter

Click the column header.

Context menu

You can use some useful functions from the context menu.

Right-click on the sheet and select the menu.

Some functions are only available under hierarchy view mode.

View issue

Open view issue screen.

Expand all

Expand all collapsed rows under hierarchy view mode.

Create issue

Open create issue screen.

Copy issue

Copy selected issue.

This function is similar to "Clone", but actually creates a new issue.

This function is not supported currently on Jira software team-managed projects.

Create child

Create one child issue under hierarchy view mode.

This function is not supported currently on Jira software team-managed projects.

Delete issue

Delete selected issue.

Transition issue

Transition selected issue.

The transition screen is not supported currently.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of the Atlassian community!

Add the tag "addon-jp.ricksoft.plugins.excel4jira" when you ask a question.