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Top Configuration Menu

Top Configuration Menu

Actions you can do from the top configuration menu:

  • Product updates

  • Enable databar number

  • Enable format time tracking fields

  • Export spreadsheet

  • Help and documentation

  • Enable JQL editor

  • Share view

Share view

Save your current configuration and share it with your team.

JQL Editor

The JQL editor provides an alternative way to narrow down your Jira issues using a familiar query language from Atlassian. Users can modify existing filters or create new ones, giving them greater control over refining their issue search.

  • Only project admins can create or update spreadsheets in the project view.

  • Other non-admin users can only create or update spreadsheets on the main view.

Export Excel / CSV

Users can export the current spreadsheet in Excel or CSV format.

Other functions

Excel-like Issue Editor provides the other functions via the cog icon menu.

Databar Number

  • Visualize the number field’s value.

Format Timetracking Fields

  • Change the display format of time-tracking fields.

  • Unformatted ↔︎ Formatted

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