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FAQs - Limitations with Secure Custom Fields

To ensure your data is protected with the highest security standards and seamless integration with Jira, we built Secure Custom Fields for Jira on Forge - Atlassian-hosted cloud platform. It allows the app to run on the same infrastructure as Atlassian's enterprise-level offerings. 

However, we’d like to highlight Forge limitations that restrict some feature implementations within our app. This page explains some of the issues or gaps you might face while using the app, which we’re eager to solve for you as soon as Atlassian makes it possible on Forge.



Can I access secure custom fields outside of issue details view?

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support other views like the issue history, issue navigator (filters), or dashboard. In which case, you’ll see the message This field doesn't support this UI

Here’s the reference Atlassian ticket: FRGE-135: Forge Custom Fields on new issue navigator view and boards

Can I edit secure field value in workflow transition screens?

The secure field value can only read by the app and it’s not compatible with wokflows. This is an issue caused by Forge limitation as well. You can vote for this ticket: FRGE-576: Custom Fields with Custom UI not working on "Create Subtask" and transition screens

Does Secure Custom Fields app support Jira Service Management form?

Yes. You can use secure custom fields in JSM forms. Users with appropriate permissions can edit or view secure field via JSM portal.

JSM secure fields.png

Known limitations

  • Users might be required to allow app access when launching the app for the first time.

    JSM secure fields app access.png
  • Team-managed projects are not supported.

  • User picker field type not supported.

Can I search secure field values with JQL?

Secure field value is encrypted, so it can’t be used for JQL search.

Only is EMPTY and is not EMPTY can be used for secure fields.

Can I set default value for secure fields?

The app can’t set field values without an issue because of security concern. So, you can’t set default value.

As a workaround, consider using Jira automation to set secure field values.

Can I bulk edit secure field values on issues?

Bulk edit isn’t supported.
However, you may achieve your requirement with the CSV file import or Web API.

Can I export values with CSV export?

You can’t export field values with Jira’s standard CSV export.

Instead of that, the app provides the original CSV export feature. The CSV format is compatible with Jira’s CSV export.

Does the app prohibit non-permitted users from all editing?

Non-permitted users can delete and alter value by special operation.

If users do illegal editing (except for deleting), the field show warning.

The editing will be logged in history activity tab. And you can use it as audit log.

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests, we’re happy to help!

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