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How to integrate secure custom fields with Jira Automation

Jira Automation is very helpful for automating repetitive work and integrating Jira with other tools.
Jira Automation can’t read secure field values in a normal way since the values are encrypted. This document explains how to integrate secure custom fields with Jira Automation.


The key points are to use the Web API of the app to read/write secure field values.
Jira Automation provides Send web request action. So, you can call the Web API from Jira Automation to read/write the secure field values.
Smart values supports reading values from the response and writing values to the request.

How to call the Web API from the Send web request action

  1. Create a token to call the Web API.
    Setting the scope of the toke is highly recommended.

  2. Fill out the Send web request action form as in the image below.


Send an email of a secure field value to watchers when the value is changed

Set secure field values when the issue status becomes In Progress

* The format of the Custom data can be found here.

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