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Some view shows “This field doesn't support this UI“ message as field value.

In some view such as the issue history and the issue navigator, Jira doesn’t allow apps to render custom fields as the issue view. This issue depends on the Atlassian’s issue.

How to use secure fields in Team-managed-projects?

Team-managed-projects supports global custom fields. So you can use secure fields in Team-managed-projects.
Please see this article for details.

Can’t set default value.

You can’t set default value by the normal way.
Please use Jira Automation to set a default value.

Can’t edit with bulk edit.

Bulk edit isn’t supported.
You may achieve your requirement with the CSV import or the Web API.

Can’t export values with CSV export

You can’t export field values with Jira’s standard CSV export.

Instead of that, the app provides the original CSV export feature. The CSV format is compatible with Jira’s CSV export.

How to integrate with Jira Automation?

Secure Custom Fields for Jira can be integrated with Jira Automation.
Please see How to integrate secure custom fields with Jira Automation for details.

Can’t read value from workflow.

The field value can be read by only the app, while the existence of the field value can be detected by anyone.

Please consider using Jira Automation instead of Post-functions.

Can’t search values with JQL

JQL search is not supported because the field values can be read by only the app.

Only “is EMPTY” and “is not EMPTY” can be used for secure fields.

Our app is still the free version. Can we continue to use it for free?

Please refer to About Free Version of Secure Custom Fields .

Does the app prohibit non-permitted users from all editing?

Non-permitted users can delete and alter value by special operation.

If users do illegal editing (except for deleting), the field show warning.

The editing will be logged in history activity tab. And you can use it as audit log.

Please inquire us if you have another question.

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