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Getting started

Are you looking for more effective ways to organize your Confluence site? Then, we’re on the same page!

Page Manager for Confluence app is designed to streamline your content management experience in Confluence. With a spreadsheet-like table, you’ll have a convenient bird's-eye view of all your pages and their essential information. Now, you can see the complete page tree as well as important info at a glance and take actions directly from the page list. No more clicking through individual pages - easily navigate, update, and organize your Confluence space in a breeze.

Explore how you can improve your team’s workspace with the user-friendly features of Page Manager for Confluence.

Access the app

From the global Apps menu

You can navigate across multiple spaces from the app homepage.

  • Select the space that you want to manage

  • Click the plus icon to add the space

  • You can add multiple spaces to the table

From the Project sidebar

When you’re in a space, simply open to the side panel.

Make sure the app is enabled. Please get in touch with your space admin to do this for you.


Whether you’re using Confluence as an intranet, a knowledge base, or a documentation portal, it’s important to keep it organized and tidy. That way, you can ensure seamless navigation across the site, and the content is easily accessible for your team. This app is designed to bring all the tools you need to maintain your Confluence pages in one place.


🛎️ Get help by submitting your tickets to our support portal

🖥️ Get the app for free on the Atlassian Marketplace

(lightbulb) Submit your feature request on our public roadmap

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