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Quick actions

Edit cells

You can quickly edit the cell value by double-clicking it or selecting the pencil icon from the quick actions menu.

Copy and paste cells

It’s also possible to copy value from a cell or multiple cells, simply select the Copy / Paste menu or use the keyboard commands.

More actions

Depending on the cell data, you can either input the value directly or select from the dropdown. Some cells are read-only data.

Here’s an overview of all the available field columns and the actions that you can take from the app:




On this cell, you can perform more quick actions as follow:

  • Open page edtior

  • Copy page

  • Share page URL


Update page status from the dropdown menu. Or create new one.

Last updated


Shows the page version’s last updated date along with page alert.

Read more: Page alert to keep track of old content


Page owner and collaborators


Edit page label(s) by selecting from existing label(s) or adding new one. You can also copy label from another cell.


Set page permission from the dialog:

Page owner

The page owner of spaces/pages

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