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What data is sent to the destination space?

At establishing synced spaces

  • Configuration ID for the SSC setting. It’s included in the token file.

At syncing pages

How to mention users on external sites?

Space admin must grant permission for the app to mention external users when configuring the space sync.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

  • The app doesn’t work for the site anymore.

    • The destination space can’t push pages to your space.

  • Synced pages would remain as normal Confluence pages.

  • If re-installing the app, the app works as before.

Workaround for Overview page sync

Due to some limitations, the app does not support synchronization of the Overview page. However, users can implement a workaround using the combination of the space sync app and Confluence Include page macro.

This method is useful for syncing the homepage from the source space to an external destination. You can follow these steps:

  1. From the original space, create a new page with the content you want to display as the Overview page. Then you can push the page to the destination space as usual:

  1. On the destination site, click edit the space overview. Then, embed the Include Page macro.

  1. Now, you can pull content from the synced overview page:

That’s it! Now you can keep the overview content to the external site synchronized automatically.

We understand that this is not an ideal experience, we’re looking into implementing this feature in the future.

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