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What content is synced

Space Sync for Confluence supports the following content type.

Both pages and blogs are supported.







The app tries to keep any content in the body. It includes images, tables, mentions, macros, and so on.

Page width is also synced.

About links to other pages

If the source page has links to other pages in the source space, the links in the synced page refer to the synced referred page in the destination space.

Page references are resolved by the page name. Thus, it doesn't matter that the sync order of the page with a link and the page referred by the link, except for referring to blog posts. Referred blog posts must be synced before the page that has links to the blog post.

Please note page references replacement only works for inline-card-styled links. If links are another format, links refer to the same URL as the source page.



Page hierarchy & order


Page hierarchy sync is supported only when pages are pushed to the destination space for the first time. If the parent page or the children pages is already in the destination space, the hierarchy is constructed in the destination space. If the parent page is not in the destination space, the synced page goes under the root page.
Updating synced hierarchy in the destination isn’t supported now.

Page order is not supported.

Label NEW


Comment NEW


Enable the comment sync option from the Sync config.

Footer comments and in-line comments will be synced when you manually push updates or perform bulk sync. Comments will also be synced automatically if auto sync is turned on.

Sync config enable comment sync.png

For manual sync option, you need to push page update upon adding comments to execute the sync

  • Synced comments will be displayed as below:

    Footer comment sync.png
  • In-line comments will be synced and displayed in the footer comments as below:

    Inline comment sync.png
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