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How to create the table macro

Page view mode

Go to any Confluence page, then click the Excel-like Tables for Confluence icon at the top right menu. The app dialog will be displayed, and you choose how you want to create the table.

Page edit mode

In page edit mode, type ‘/excel’, then the Excel-like Tables macro will appear in the list.

Click the Excel-like Tables macro, and a new window will appear on your screen.


5 ways to create a table

  1. By creating a new table from scratch.

  2. Create from templates.

  3. Upload from a file.

  4. Convert from Confluence table.

  5. From Excel-like Tables URL

Option 1

If you choose the first option, the app will open the Excel-like Tables for Confluence app.

Option 2

If you choose the second option, you can create a table from pre-built templates or templates created by you or your team. You only can view the template if you have permission to view that page. Learn more about creating a new template here.

Option 3

If you choose the third option, you can upload a file by ‘drag and drop’ it into the upload box. The app support .xlsx or .ssjon format.

Option 4

Directly convert your existing Confluence tables to Excel-like tables, making it easier for you to perform calculations and create charts from your existing data.

ETC Convert Tables to ETC.gif

Option 5

If you want to reuse existing Excel-like tables for different purposes, simply copy the table URL then use that link to create a new one.

ETC Create a new table from ETC URL.gif

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