The template feature allows users to create a template from their saved work so that they can reuse it later. To create a new template, you need to click the top right button ‘Save as template’ on the Excel-like Tables screen.

A window will appear on your screen, asking for the template name. Once you click the ‘Create’ button, a notification will appear on your screen.

You need to make sure to publish your current Confluence page to complete your template creation.


We value our customers' data privacy. Thus, Excel-like Tables for Confluence do not store customers' data. All of your tables and templates would not go out from your Confluence instance. Due to this reason, there is a limitation with this feature.

If you are creating a template from your saved work, this won’t be a problem. If you want to create a template without saving your Confluence page, this will be a problem because we save your template as a page attachment.

Alternatively, you can create a Confluence page that contains a list of your templates. You can refer to the below steps.

  1. Open a dedicated Confluence page to store your templates.

  2. Open Excel-like Tables for Confluence.

  3. Design your template.

  4. Save it as a template.

  5. Save the table.

  6. Publish the page.