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Supported fields

System fields


Read only

  • Summary

  • Type

  • Description

  • Priority

  • Assignee

  • Reporter

  • Affects Version/s

  • Fix Version/s

  • Component/s

  • Status

  • Resolution

  • Due Date

  • Labels

  • Environment

  • Security Level

  • Original Estimate

  • Remaining Estimate

  • Sprint

  • Key

  • Created

  • Updated

  • Votes

  • Watchers

  • Time Spent

  • Progress

  • Σ Original Estimate

  • Σ Time Spent

  • Σ Remaining Estimate

  • Σ Progress

  • Project

  • Work Ratio

  • Images

  • Resolved

  • Creator

  • Sub-Tasks

  • Linked Issues

  • Time Tracking NEW RELEASE

  • Progress NEW RELEASE

Custom fields


Read only

  • Date Picker

  • Date Time Picker

  • Number Field

  • Text Field(single line)

  • Text Field(multi-line)

  • URL Field

  • Version Picker(single version)

  • Version Picker(multiple versions)

  • Project Picker(single project)

  • User Picker(single user)

  • User Picker(multiple users)

  • Group Picker(single group)

  • Group Picker(multiple groups)

  • Checkboxes

  • Radio Buttons

  • Select List(single choice)

  • Select List(multiple choices)

  • Select List(cascading)

  • Labels

  • Text Field(read only)

Jira Software


Read only

  • Epic/Theme

  • Epic Name

  • Flag

  • Epic Color

  • Epic Link

  • Epic Status

  • Rank

  • Sprint

  • Dev Summary Custom Field

Jira Service Management


Read only

  • Approvals

  • Customer Request Type

  • Organizations

  • Request Participants

  • SLA CustomField Type

Color Custom Fields


Read only

  • Picker Color

  • Select Color


3rd Party Custom Fields

ScriptRunner (Data Center/Server)

Some picker fields are not viewable and editable due to technical limitations. We are planning to support more fields including 3rd party fields. Please visit our feedback portal to submit your ideas.




Custom Script Field - Text Field (multi-line)


Custom Script Field - Date


Custom Script Field - Date time


Custom Script Field - Absolute Date time


Custom Script Field - Duration


Custom Script Field - Duration (time-tracking)


Custom Script Field - Number field


Custom Script Field - User Picker (single user)



Custom Script Field - User Picker (multiple users)



Custom Script Field - Group Picker (single group)



Custom Script Field - Group Picker (multiple groups)



Custom Script Field - Version Picker (multiple versions)



Custom Script Field - Project Picker



Custom Script Field - Issue(s)



Issue(s) Picker



Database Picker



LDAP Picker Field



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