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Manage your Jira issues smoothly like a pro!

Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira is an Atlassian Jira Data Center add-on that allows users to easily edit multiple issues simultaneously in an Excel-like format, all in the same window.

If you are a new user or if you want to refresh your mind about Excel-like Issue Editor (EIE), watch our crash course here. The course will cover the steps to launch a spreadsheet and EIE features.

If you are a Jira administrator, we recommend you set your app’s permission and date time format before using the app. Read more at Guide for Jira Administrator.

If you are a user, jump to the Guide for Users article to learn more on how to open a spreadsheet, edit spreadsheet data, export to Excel, edit status, and more!

Got questions or need assistance?

Our support team is here for you. Reach out anytime!

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