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Ricksoft Support End of Life Policy

Support policy

  • Ricksoft supports apps as long as their host product version was the third latest long-term support or later.

    • The third latest long-term support version is Jira 8.5 and Confluence 6.13, for example, as of )

  • Ricksoft does not support apps if the trouble is caused explicitly by the Jira EOS version


For Atlassian products' end of life policy, please see the below page:

You can find the Atlassian’s long-term support version on the below pages:

Support portal

For versions that are supported, customers can raise issues via If a bug is discovered, it will be prioritized based on our Ricksoft Bug Fixing Policy and may require you to upgrade to the version which includes the fix.

Host product (Jira/Confluence) compatibility

We observe the same policy for host product compatibility as the support policy above.

See the Marketplace version history page for the details:

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