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How to sync page

Space Sync for Confluence allows you to push pages to the destination spaces.
You can do it anytime you want by just clicking a button.

  1. Go to the page you want to push.

  2. Open the Page sync status dialog.

  3. Click the “Push” button.

If the push button dissaper, you don’t have the permission to push the page.
Please ask the space administrator to grant you to sync pages.

Currently, SSC overwrites the destination page when pushing.
So, if the destination page has updated content that hasn’t been pushed, it will be gone by pushing your page.
If you’re in a situation about to overwrite the destination updating, you will get a warning in the status dialog.

Sync status table

On the table in the page sync status dialog, each row means a destination space.

Each column means,




The sync configuration name. This is named by the space administrator.

See the Status list section below.

The version number of the page when the last push is succeeded.

Status list





This page is not in the destination space.


The latest version of the pages has been pushed each other.


The latest version of your page hasn’t been pushed yet.


The latest version of the destination page hasn't been pushed yet.


The synced destination page has been deleted.


The destination page restricts access from the app.
About restricted pages, see the below section.

Allow SSC to access restricted pages

Confluence has the ability to restrict page access.

If you add restriction to pages you will sync, you have to allow Space Sync for Confluence to view/edit the pages.

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