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How to establish synced spaces

To sync spaces, the space administrators have to configure Space Sync for Confluence.

Watch the tutorial video to get started:

Add a new sync

Step 1: Create a new sync setting

  1. Press the “Create New Sync“ button.

  2. Enter the Name., e.g. the destination space.

  3. Press the “Submit“ button.

  4. You can see a new row in the synced spaces list.

Step 2: Download a token, and send it to the destination space administrator

  1. Expand the “Actions” menu, and click “Download Token“.

  2. Enter Message. This message is shown when the destination administrator imports the token.

  3. Press the “Download Token“ button.

  4. You can download a token file for the setting.

  5. Send the file to the destination space administrator via e-mail, slack, etc.

  • The token is completely secret data. Never expose it to anyone other than the destination space administrator.

  • Token will expire after 7 days, or it will be invalid after being used.

Step 3: Import the token

This operation is done by the destination space administrator

  1. Press the “Import Sync“ button…

  2. Drag and drop the sync token from the previous step

  3. Enter the Name, e.g. the source space

  4. Press the “Import“ button

  5. You can see a new row in the synced spaces list

Configure space sync

Once you’ve connected a new space sync, you can configure the sync settings based on requirements:

Edit sync config.png
  1. Edit the name of the configuration

  2. Grant user permissions to execute page sync

  3. Enable comments sync

  4. Enable labels sync

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