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Guide for users


With this app, you can:

  • Display any post on any public channel in Slack in any order on the Confluence page. Intuitive arrangement by drag and drop

This app gives you the following values

  • Source of the idea: Start discussions and develop into projects based on Slack posts displayed together

  • Visibility: In Slack, only channel participants see the content of posts, but Confluence makes it more visible to more people

  • Give context to chat: Slack is a chat tool, so it's easy to overwhelm large and small topics and fill them up. By consolidating posts and giving context and consolidating them in Confluence, it becomes a resource that can be used in the long term

If you have different viewing permissions for Confluence and Slack, be aware of the differences between them.

Slack messages displayed on a Confluence page using the Slack Pinboard for Confluence can be viewed by all Confluence users who have permission to view the page.

See the following pages for more details:

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