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Add secure custom fields to Jira Service Management forms

You can configure the request forms to display secure fields on the request portal.

Please note this feature is only available for Company-managed projects.

  1. Open your desired JSM project, go to Project settings, select Secure Custom Fields

    Monosnap Secure Custom Fields - Jira 2024-05-14 08-45-31.png

  2. Select JSM Request Form and you’ll see the option to place secure custom fields in respective request forms available in the project

    Monosnap Secure Custom Fields - Jira 2024-05-14 08-46-07.png

  3. Simply drag-and-drop the secure fields. Please note the User picker field is not supported.

    Monosnap Secure Custom Fields - Jira 2024-05-14 08-46-55.png

    The secure field(s) will be displayed on the request form in portal view

    Monosnap Product trial questions - JSM - Jira Service Management 2024-05-14 08-55-51.png

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