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Search for tasks on the Gantt chart

Need to find a specific task on your Gantt chart? Open the Features menu, you’ll see the Quick Find search option, select the input field where you want to find your tasks by Name or Notes column.

The app optimizes performance by limiting the number of task rows rendered on the page, therefore, using the default browser search will not return accurate results. The Quick Find feature improves searchability by ensuring all data is included in your search. Plus, you can get results from input value that’s not displayed on the page, i.e. Jira issue key

To perform a search, input the query text to the column search field:

  • By Name: Any text included on the task name or issue key (if you’re searching for a linked Jira ticket)

  • By Note: Any text included on the task note

The returned search result(s) will be highlighted in yellow. Simply click on the arrow or use the keyboard [ctrl]+ [g] to move between hits.

Quick find by Resource name is not yet supported. It’s coming soon!

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