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Jira Issues Sheet


This feature imports Jira issues into the specialized sheet, Jira Issues Sheet for it.

So, it allows you to make use of the contents for a data source.

To create the sheet, in any sheet, press 'Create New Sheet' in the Data tab - Jira Issues Sheet menu group (see the following section).
It will create Jira Issues Sheet as a new sheet.

Menu Items

The “Data” tab has the menu group for Jira Issues Sheet.

Menu item

The behavior of the item

Create New Sheet

  • Create a new Jira Issues Sheet

  • Default fields are Issue type, Issue key, and Summary

  • Default JQL is “project=<the project of current issue>

  • This action allows you to create multiple Jira Issues Sheet

  • The copied Jira Issues Sheet will also be Jira Issues Sheet

Edit JQL

  • Set a JQL for importing Jira issues

  • (warning) The sheet will be reloaded after modifying settings

Edit Fields

  • Set Jira fields that will be displayed

  • (warning) The sheet will be reloaded after modifying settings


  • Reload the sheet with the given JQL and Jira fields

  • (warning) On reloading, it clear every cell on the sheet. If you want to use the data of Jira issues, do it on other sheets.

How to move a column

The following instructions allow you to move a column to other columns.

  1. Select the whole column you want to move

  2. Drag the selection rectangle with pressing the Shift key to the point of a target column

  3. Drop it

Restrictions & Tips

  • In rich text fields, it shows string includes HTML tags

  • If you save as ssJSON format, it stores the information of JQL and Jira fields

    • The data will be lost in other formats

  • This feature doesn’t support editing Jira issues. However, for bulk-editing Jira issues, this app(Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira) is suitable for it.

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