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Jira Field Mapping


With Excel-like Tables for Jira, you can map the Jira field’s value to the table’s cell and vice versa.

Map from Jira view issue screen

Click the right button on a specific cell and select "Jira Field Mapping" in the context menu.

Select a mapping direction and a target Jira field in the shown dialog.

The field with Jira mapping is colored with a light blue color to distinguish it from the normal comment, which is colored light yellow.

Map from the Full-featured editor

Select a specific cell and select a mapping direction on the ribbon menu.

In the shown dialog, select a target Jira field.

When is the data reflected in the mapped cell/filed?

Read: Jira field → Cell

Write: Cell → Jira field

Timing that read/write executed

  • Table loaded

  • Comment changed

  • Table saved


When you modify Jira fields, it needs reloading a page to reflect the changes to a table.

After write action, the table panel will be reloaded.

Supported fields

  • Fields with numbers, such as a Number custom field.

  • Fields with a string as a value, such as Summary, Description, and Text custom fields.

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