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How to search a table content

This feature cannot search with Confluence native features at this moment.

So, this feature is not recommended for “casual” users.

How to search

The app allows you to search the content of a table with a CQL query.

The following ways are available,

  1. Use 'CQL search' (free app) RECOMMENDED

    • Recommended for generic use

  2. Use Confluence advanced search screen ((warning) Tricky)

    • Once search the query, then rewrite search?text= to search?cql= in the browser URL field

  3. Use Confluence REST API

    • Recommended for developers

    • Searches for content using the Confluence Query Language (CQL)

CQL fields

The following CQL fields are available.







Content information; words contained in tables




1 if content information for searching was truncated, 0 otherwise


Limitations and notices

  • The size of content information for searching is limited under a specified size(about 30KB)

    • if it goes over the limitation, it will be truncated

  • For tables created by an old version, you need to save once to become a search target

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