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Spreadsheet Features

Sort Columns

Sort the column effortlessly by dragging and dropping it.

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Freeze Columns

Select a cell and freeze up to the current column.

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Sort and Filter

Click the column name to sort in ascending or descending order.

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Context Menu

You can use some useful functions from the context menu depending on your Jira permission. Right-click on any cell to open it.


Add new comment

Add a new comment using the context menu or by double-clicking the Comments field.

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View issue

Open view issue screen.

Expand all

Expand all collapsed rows under hierarchy view mode.

Copy issue

Copy selected issue.

This function is similar to "Clone", but actually creates a new issue.

Create child

Create one child issue under hierarchy view mode.

Create one child issue under hierarchy view mode.

Delete issue

Delete the selected issue.

Drag and drop

In the 'Hierarchy View,' you have the option to change the child issue by using drag and drop.

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