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I want to disable a module of WBS Gantt-Chart. Is it possible?


I was searching on how to disable a module of WBS Gantt-Chart for a test purpose. Is it possible? What are the risks?


Yes, it is possible to disable a module from WBS Gantt-Chart, but it is not recommended since Ricksoft's Development Team does not make tests with each module disabled on the plugin. Down below will be described the tutorial on how to disable the modules WBSGantt Servlet Filter and WBSGantt Creation Child Issue Servlet Filter, which will be used as a Module Example.

Before the tutorial begins, here's a little explanation about these modules' behavior: when these modules make a request to the CreateIssue.jspa URL to which the parameter parentIssueId is given, Jira catch the request and create a WGC hierarchy link. This feature is provided for creating child issues from the WBS Gantt-Chart menu in the More section of the issue detail screen, so disabling those modules probably won't affect the other features of WBS Gantt-Chart or Jira.


To disable the behavior of creating WBS Gantt-Chart Issue Hierarchy links, it will be needed to disable both Modules named WBSGantt Servlet Filter and WBSGantt Creation Child Issue Servlet Filter. To do so:

  1. At your Jira Home Screen, click on the Cogwheel button on the top right corner and then click on Manage apps

  2. At the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira landing page, click on the Manage apps option

  3. When on the Manage apps_page, make sure to click on the dropdown menu related to WBS Gantt-Chart to open the plugin information

  4. At the plugin information page, click on the 176 of 176 modules enabled to open the full list of modules related to WBS Gantt-Chart

  5. On the Modules List, search for WBSGantt Servlet Filter and WBSGantt Creation Child Issue Servlet Filter and disable them by clicking on the disable button

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