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Global version settings

Configuring version settings

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrators and Jira Administrators global permission.

  2. Select Add-ons from the Jira ADMINISTRATION menu shown as the cog icon at the top-right corner.

  3. Select Version from the WBS GANTT-CHART section on the side menu.

Editing version settings

  1. Click Edit Version Configuration on the upper right-hand side of the version settings screen.

  2. Edit the settings in the version configuration dialog.

  3. Click Update.

Editing version management on WBS

You can set whether or not version management is performed on the WBS.
If this setting item is enabled, the following functions are available

  • Version rows are displayed on the WBS.

  • Project managers can create, delete, and reschedule versions on the WBS.

Editing versions to be displayed

You can hide previously released or archived versions from the display, and also versions where there are no related issues.

Archived versions are visible only when the Archived checkbox is enabled, regardless of release status.

Hide versions that do not have issues to display

When this configuration is enabled, only versions with issues are shown.

Editing the relationship between versions and issues

Changing the manual mode for a version

Change Version manual mode in version settings.

For more information about manual mode, please refer to the user guide.

Additional Help

If you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of the Atlassian community!

Add the tag "addon-jp.ricksoft.plugins.wbsgantt-for-jira" when you ask a question.

Ask the community

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