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After upgrading to version 9.7.0 or later, you can not use some features


If you upgrade from WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira version 9.6 or earlier to version 9.7.0 or later, you may not be able to use some features such as the Job scheduler or opening the Gantt chart from the project sidebar.


This phenomenon occurs when the Jira administrator has disabled the "Compatible menu (Project and Filter)" in the View settings before upgrading.

The setting of "Compatible menu (Project and Filter)" is handed over as "Enable deprecated features" in Deprecated features setting in version 9.7.0 or later. When this setting is not enabled, you can not use some features.

When the Jira administrator enables the setting, you can use the same feature as before the version upgrade. Please confirm whether "Enable deprecated features" is On or Off.

For details on the deprecated features, please see the following pages.

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