The purpose or the use case is the Start Date should be auto-populated from the Jira issue creation date. How to configure this in the WBS Gantt-Chart?


To auto-populate the Start Date field, it will be necessary to set the Start Date to use the field Created Date. Please find below a tutorial that can help you with this:

  • At your WBS Gantt-Chart screen, click on the Cog button located at the top right corner

  • Click on Gantt Configuration

  • On the left column, click on Issue View

  • At this landing page, you'll need to configure issues displayed in your WBS Gantt-Chart by clicking on Edit on the right corner of your screen, at the column Operations

  • Select the Dropdown box related to Start Date and change from Start Date (WBSGantt) to Created

  • Click on Update to save the configuration

PS: Notice that, once the Start Date field is set to auto-populate with the values from Created Date, this field will become Non-Editable to all Projects inside your Gantt.