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Why can't I import an MS Project file on my WBS Gantt-Chart?


I created a new Gantt using a freshly created Jira Project. When I try to import an MS Project File I can't select any Project or Import Issue Type at the File Upload screen and I am getting an error when trying to upload the MS Project File. Why is that happening? 


This situation occurs due to the Jira Project used to create the Gantt-Chart is currently being empty. At the time, WBS Gantt-Chart does not allow the import of an MS Project file if the Jira Project is empty.

A workaround to this error is to go to the Jira Project used, create an example issue, go back to the Gantt-Chart and import the MS Project file normally - the example issue can be deleted with no problem after the process is done.

We already have reported this behavior to our development team in order to fix it in a code level:

I would like to ask you to please watch and vote for this feature, so our development team can get information about user's requests and plan the new software releases.

If Public Tracker site pages do not render properly please try incognito mode or switch the browser to display.
And also you'll require a separate sign up for voting in Public Tracker. Click the 'Login' placed in the left navigation column and go to the 'Sign Up' link. Click 'See the old view' to display the vote option.

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