Release date


Minor improvements and some bug fixes



  • Add "Unassigned" option to Assignee cell

  • Show shared calendar details when re-use it

Bug fixes

  • Stored gantt-chart data does not load properly

  • Massive data copy leads to the error

  • After creating a Gantt in Safari/Mac, it didn't redirect to the Gantt chart screen

  • After creating a version, creating an issue under that version raises an error

  • Deleting parent version will also hide child issues

  • Expand all issues in Template Mode will Collapse all issues in Standard mode

  • When setting a Jira issue link in the link settings, deleting parent issue also delete children issues

  • If the dependency setting is Original data, an error dialog will appear when copying a issue with a dependency line

  • MS Project import process stops at progress 1

  • Internal server error occurs when the issues with issue link dependencies are removed