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Release notes : WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Cloud 1.1.50-AC

Release Date

in US


Calendar feature and Holiday improvement

🆕 New features

↗️ Improvements

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Error when creating an issue containing a Team field

  • In the column settings screen, some fields do not appear in the "Adding Field" candidate list

  • In Japanese language error message is not shown in global issue configuration

  • Critical Path rows (highlighted in red in the Gantt-Chart section) are not highlighted on the WBS side.

  • When "Epic Link" column is displayed, the displayed value does not change after replacing a parent, child, etc. that changes value and clicking Save.

  • Break time was changed before update in global Calendar configuration

  • After clicking "Refresh", Critical path display (Gantt chart section) may not be highlighted

  • "Units" values in the resource bar and resource tooltips are incorrect

  • When the Window width is narrow, the quick filter on the operation bar is sometimes completely hidden.

  • In the archived version line, the TIPS content displayed in the copy menu of the "Add" operation bar is not correct.

  • Hiden "Configure" button on Template mode when minimize the screen

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