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Release notes : WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Cloud 1.1.35-AC

Release Date


Share issue template between projects

🆕 New features

1. Share issue template between projects

Configure to share issue template in issue configuration

When adding new issue, you can choose to create from shared template

In the template mode, shared templates & their projects are displayed in WBS.

2. Week numbering configurable for US and European style

Configure US / European week style in Calendar configuration of Gantt configuration and Gantt Scheme

Gantt with US style of week numbering

export excel

Gantt with European style (ISO-8061 format) of week numbering

export excel

3. Mark favorite Gantts

Allow user marks gantt as favorite on gantt page.

🏗 Improvements

  • Remove the Update button on the Gantt Scheme screen and allow saving of each setting unit

  • Improve to be able to handle for projects migrated from Server/DC with project keys containing special characters

🐛 Bug fixes

  • After displaying some Gantt scheme settings, the Edit dialog of the scheme's calendar has many checks for "Regular Holiday"

  • Column settings list was broken when several column settings are executed without reloading

  • Cannot copy issues belonging to sprint

  • Long summary overflowing in Gantt Chart

  • i18n key displays in the Fiscal year start month

  • New issues linked to wrong projects after saved in multiple projects Gantt

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