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Release notes : WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Cloud 1.1.25-AC

Release Date


Japanese display is now supported


New features

  • Japanese display is now supported

More languages will be added as they become available.

The language setting of WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira depends on the language setting of the user's Atlassian Account.
If Japanese is already selected in the Atlassian Account language settings, the language display in WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira will automatically switch to Japanese after the update to 1.1.25-AC.


  • Remove the percent done displayed in the baseline tips

  • Copy issues links other than hierarchies and dependencies when copying the issue tree

  • Make the template feature stand out

  • Improve UI and Pagination for Gantt list

  • Change the application name in the description of the Gantt creation permission setting screen to "WBS Gantt-Chart".

Bug fixes

  • Duration changed after converting from app data to Jira data

  • When selecting and saving Add-> Issue on an issue line that has no value in Assignee, the user line is not displayed in the "Resource view".

  • When selecting and saving an Add->Issue in a non-issue line, the user line is not displayed in the "Resource View".

  • Missing dates if user creates new issues on 2 different projects

  • Created issues aren't shown in resource view until assignee is changed

  • Buggy when editing Start/End date with incorrect format

  • If today's date is Holiday and you select the issue type from the Add menu in a non-issue line that does not contain a date, the start date/finish date does not become the next working day.

  • When selecting a template in the Add menu, the value of the "Assignee" column in the displayed issue row is not visible.

  • Users without filter sharing permission cannot create project gantt

  • Sorting Duration column with an empty duration is inconsistent after refreshing

  • Quick Filter does not work properly for issues that have subtasks

  • Dragging chart bar fails when only start date is set

  • No screen mask when displaying the "Confirm deleting this Gantt" dialog in the Gantt List screen.

  • When a status name with a script in it is displayed in the app link section of the Jira issue screen, the script is executed.

Please check the portal for detailed information on major new features and bugs.

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