Release date


The order of the columns can be changed freely


New Features


  • Improved sort function for WBS rows with drag and drop


  • Display priority icons

Bug fixes

  • 403 error caused by Jira.Gantt.model.CustomTask

  • Privilege escalation of change the dates of private project using WBS Gantt-Chart with owner permission

  • Saved dates were reverted after refreshing page

  • Not able to create a new Gantt Chart which has the same name with another deleted one

  • Ticket was created with the original plan date even if the template is selected

  • Regular holidays check-boxes display incorrectly in newly created GANTT calendar configuration page

  • Adding Status Category column causing all Gantts not displayed

  • When the template is selected and the ticket is created, the original date does not remain.

  • Not able add new issues after Restrict to column is added