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Release notes : WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Cloud 1.1.10-AC

Release date


You can now directly create Gantt bars on a Gantt chart


New features


  • Enable more than 3 days for weekend setting

  • Prevent creating subtasks under epics in ticket template mode

Bug fixes

  • Can move epic lines directly under the template in ticket template mode.

  • Error when selecting a template and creating a ticket in the next-generation project epic line

  • In ticket template mode of Next-Gen project , epics are displayed in the Add menu of template rows

  • Epic is not identified in next-generation projects that have no board

  • Tickets created from ticket lines with milestone display do not have the same start and end dates

  • Child tickets cannot be created from newly created tickets in ticket template mode

  • Color setting has error when using special characters for name or JQL

  • Color setting doesn’t get copied when copying a Gantt

  • Color settings are not applied to the Gantt bar color immediately after creating a ticket on the Gantt screen

  • When the value of the modified version column is changed, the hierarchy does not move under the version that was changed on the Gantt screen

  • Dependency lines are not drawn even if you create a child ticket from the context menu in ticket template mode

  • The resource view user avatar is not within the area

  • Bypass of query filter leads to data extraction

  • Update and Deletion of all resources in the system


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