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Configuring the holiday calendar

With WBS Gantt-Chart, holidays and non-working days are taken into account when creating/modifying plans. Follow these steps to configure non-working days.

  1. WBS Gantt-Chart ⇒ Choose Gantt Configure.

  2. Click Edit of Calendar

  3. Edit holiday calendar settings:

    1. Choose using shared calendar or Gantt individual settings calendar

    2. Check the non-working days in Regular holiday

    3. Choose Week Number style (US or ISO-8061)

    4. For individual holidays, enter them to the Holiday list

    5. Click Update.

You’ve now completed the basic configuration. Next, let’s try managing a project.

Additional Help

If you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of the Atlassian community!

Add the tag "addon-jp.ricksoft.plugins.wbsgantt-for-jira" when you ask a question.

Ask the community

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