Welcome to Space Sync for Confluence!

Space Sync for Confluence(SSC) helps you have the same content over multiple spaces over multiple Confluence sites.


  • Sync page with the pages in other spaces.

  • One page can be synced with multiple pages in multiple spaces.

  • In-site sync and over-site sync are supported.

  • Not only page body, but also page title, attachments, and so on.

  • Page body can include arbitrary content like tables, mentions, macros, and so on.

  • Page sync status like synced or the destination is ahead is shown.

  • Easy to establish synced spaces.

  • Any information except for synced content isn’t sent to the destination site.

Atlassian Marketplace


  • To install the app, follow the guide on the installation tab on the marketplace page.




Feel free to submit tickets to our Support Site.