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Import MS project file

When you use MS project to manage your projects, you may want to show the project info in Confluence. Or you may want to migrate your projects to Gantt Chart Planner.
Gantt Chart Planner supports importing MPP files to achieve them.

How to import MS project file

  1. Open import MS project import dialog.

  2. Drag&drop your MPP file.

Before you import mpp file, it’s recommended to set the project start date and the calendar settings to the same as MS project ones.

What data can this feature import

This feature supports importing the data below only.
If you want to support more data, please request us via our roadmap page.

  • Tasks&Milestone

    • Name

    • Start date

    • Duration (Finish date is start date + duration)

    • % Complete

    • Constraint Date & Type

    • Rollup

    • ManuallyScheduled

    • Baseline (import the first baseline only)

  • Dependencies

    • Type

    • Lag

  • Resources

    • Name

  • Resource assignments

    • Units (Work type only)

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