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Version history and restore a version

You may want to see the old version of your Gantt charts. Or you want to know who and when the Gantt chart is updated. You will also want to restore the old version if you update the Gantt chart mistakenly.
Gantt Chart Planner provides the version history to meet those requirements.

How to view the old version

  1. Open the version history screen

  2. Select the version which you want to see

  3. Click the view button.

How to restore an old version

  1. Start editing the Gantt chart.

  2. Open the version history screen and view the version you want to restore.

  3. Click the save button to save the version as the latest version.

How many version is kept?

Many version histories would consume your Confluence storage. So how many versions the app keeps is configurable in the config dialog. The default is 50.

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