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All notable changes to this app will be documented on this page.

1.1.20-AC 9/26/22 LATEST

  • New: Table list

  • New: Product onboarding

1.1.19-AC 7/22/22

  • Improved: UI/UX

  • Read-only mode for users who don't have EDIT permission for an issue

1.1.18-AC 5/9/22

  • New: COUNTJQL function: returns the count matched with JQL

1.1.17-AC 4/13/22

  • Fixed: The template feature doesn't work on some Jira instances

1.1.15-AC 2/1/22

  • Fixed: Security problems and some bugs

1.1.14-AC 12/9/21

  • Improved: UI/UX

  • Bugfix

1.1.12-AC 10/29/21

  • Added: Jira Issues Sheet

    • This feature imports Jira issues into the specialized sheet for it. So, it allows you to make use of the contents for a data source.

  • Added: Dashboard gadget

    • The table gadget allows displaying the table of a specified issue on your dashboard.

1.1.10-AC 8/27/21

  • New: Pivot table

1.1.9-AC 7/30/21

  • Recover accidental closing

1.1.8-AC 7/22/21

  • New: REST API (beta)

1.1.7-AC 6/8/21

  • New: JQL searchable

1.1.6-AC 6/1/21

  • European locale, global setting page

1.1.5-AC 5/25/21

  • New: Set enable/disable the app for each project

1.1.3-AC 5/14/21

  • Attach a pre-configured table when creating an issue

1.1.2-AC 4/1/21

  • Added sheet-copy and improved UI

1.1.1-AC 3/10/21

  • New full-featured editor

1.1.0-AC 2/19/21

  • Excel-like Tables for Jira is officially available on the Atlassian Cloud!

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