All notable changes to this app will be documented on this page.

1.0.9-AC - 2021-09-16 LATEST

  • Added: Sheet-copy menu item on the tab context menu

1.0.8-AC - 2021-08-30

  • Added: Users can now add Pivot Tables and perform various pivot related operations (beta)

  • Added: Camera Shape - Users can add dynamic images of a referenced area in a spreadsheet

  • Added: Users can add and edit the text in shapes

  • Added: WEBSERVICE function which helps in fetching data from a web service on the Internet or Intranet

  • Added: FILTERJSON function which helps in parsing data from a JSON string

1.0.7-AC - 2021-07-27

  • Removed: Formula Bar on page view mode

  • Changed: new styled documentation

1.0.6-AC - 2021-07-14

  • Fixed: an installation problem

1.0.5-AC - 2021-07-08

  • Added: Notify a possibility of a conflict:

    • At saving by another user or starting to edit simultaneously.

1.0.4-AC - 2021-06-23

  • Changed: editing and preview in page edit mode

1.0.3-AC - 2021-06-17

  • Added: The app allows you to search the content of a table with a CQL query

1.0.1-AC - 2021-05-28

  • Added: Support European locale